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Samsung Oven NV31T4551SS


Wall oven Samsung NV31T4551SS in Stainless Steel, width 23 in.


Capacity (cu. ft): 3.1

Bake power (w/btu):

Broil power (w/btu):


Installation: Built-in

Dimensions: H (in.): 23.5 / W (in.): 23.44 / D (in.): 24.5

ADA® compliant: No


Manufacturer warranty: 12-month parts and labour warranty


Ecofees included

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Product Details

Cook much more in a larger oven space
Create many more or much larger dishes with a huge 3.1 cu. ft. capacity oven. It opens more possibilities in home cooking. You can prepare multiple dishes at once, like vegetables, pastries, or casseroles. Or easily cook large items, like a big roast or holiday turkey with all the trimmings.
Fast & even cooking
Save time and cook food more evenly with a True Convection system, which is great for baking and broiling. A heated fan distributes heat all around the oven and keeps the temperature constant. So, dishes are cooked quickly and thoroughly, no matter where they are placed or how large they are.
Control anywhere
Save time and do much more with Wi-Fi Connectivity. Simply monitor and control the oven anytime, anywhere with the SmartThings App*. You can preheat or turn it off and check and adjust the cooking temperature and time. It also recommends the optimal cooking mode for each dish and shows recipes.
Intuitive control
Enjoy a simpler and more intuitive way to cook with a full touch LED display. Its outstanding image clarity means you can quickly check the status of your cooking briefly, even from a distance. And you can intuitively control its functions and settings with the simple touch of your finger.
Easy clean surface
Make sure your kitchen always looks spotlessly clean. A special Fingerprint Resistant Finish prevents surfaces from becoming covered in unsightly fingerprints and other marks and smudges. And they can be quickly wiped away if any do appear. So, your home will stay looking flawlessly beautiful.
Safe & clean cooking
Enjoy safer cooking, extra space, and a more convenient way to clean inside. The Hidden Bake Heater is discretely hidden inside the oven floor. So, it looks neater and creates extra space in the oven. And it’s much easier to wipe away any spills and it also reduces the risk of accidental burns.
Easy self cleaning with catalytic system
Save yourself the time and effort of scrubbing the oven. Catalytic Clean makes it easy to keep the oven clean. The catalytic liner at the rear of the cavity absorbs grease from splashes and drips during cooking. So, the oven is spotlessly clean without any hard work or costly cleaning products.
Easy self cleaning with catalytic system
Get rid of light soiling much more easily. Compared to traditional oven cleaning, Steam Clean requires less time, power, and effort to remove drips and splashes. It creates steam that loosens food particles, so any residue can be wiped away without scrubbing, leaving the oven sparkling clean.
Tender and juicy roast meats and stews
Prepare deliciously succulent meat dishes with the Slow Cook function. It slowly and gently cooks food at a low temperature, so the meat doesn’t dry out, but stays tender and juicy inside. It’s ideal for roasting beef and poultry and slow cooking stews, or you can even use it to dehydrate food.


Technical Details

  • Installation Type


  • Manufacturer Warranty

    12-month parts and labour warranty

  • Model


  • Number of ovens


  • Ovens

    • Type

      Power (Watt/Btu)

      Broil Power

      Capacity (L / Cu. Ft)

    • Oven Capacity (Cu. Ft)



Total Dimensions
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  • Total Height (In.)


  • Total Width (In.)


Manufacturer Warranty
12-month parts and labour warranty