To maximize the useful life of your appliances, you need good maintenance products. Corbeil is proud to offer you its range of exclusive, top-quality maintenance products, Corbeil Platinum. As you’ll find out, to try them is to love them!

The Platinum line of Appliance Care Products

platinumPoli-shine for ceramic glass :Specially formulated with a wax base that renews the shine of ceramic glass cooking surfaces and prevents wearing.

platinumCream cleaner for ceramic glass:Deep cleans without risk of damaging your cooking surface and leaves a pleasant lemon scent.

platinumStrong oven cleaner :As effective on cold surfaces as hot. Works in just minutes.

platinumMicro-fibre wipes :Perfectly soft, highly absorbent, washable and leave no lint.

platinum Concentrated laundry detergent :Ideal for front loading washers. Eco-friendly because it’s biodegradable and phosphate-free. Whitens whites and keeps colours vibrant without bleach. Reduces static cling.