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30" freestanding electric stainless steel induction range with black ceramic glass cooktop, four heating zones and 4.7 cu.ft. self-clean convection oven

Model # : CVISC5304BSS


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By utilizing magnetic power, the Brigade electric induction range not only delivers professional power, it does so with fantastic efficiency. MagneQuick™ induction elements actually transform your cookware into its own heat source. Then underneath, you get an electric self-cleaning convection oven offering ultra-premium features. Lock in all the savory juices of even the thickest porterhouse with the intense heat of the restaurant-quality Gourmet-Glo™ Infrared Broiler. Intense heat from broiler sears meats and fish, locking in juices. Get more control and less mess with the 10-pass concealed bake element. This dual concealed bake element provides finer temperature control and makes oven clean up easy. Wait less and cook more with the Rapid Ready™ Preheat System. Quick preheat means less time for the user to wait for the oven to be ready to cook in. Maximize airflow and fluffiness with Vari-Speed Dual Flow™ convection system. Two-speed convection system capable of turning the fan in both directions. This combined with the largest convection fan blade in the industry provides maximum airflow. Cook for everyone you know and still have leftovers with the largest capacity oven in the industry. Cook quickly and efficiently with induction heat generated by the exceptionally responsive MagneQuick(TM) power generators. MagneQuick(TM) induction elements utilize magnetic energy for superior power, responsiveness and efficiency.


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General information

  • SKU:


  • Brand:


  • Model:


  • Oven Capacity (cu.ft.):


  • Oven Rack Positions:

    Oven has six rack positions with two TruGlide™ full extension racks and one standard rack

  • Bake Element:

    Concealed 10 pass dual bake element provides precise temperature control

  • Self-cleaning:

    Self-cleaning porcelain oven

  • Cooking Modes:

    High performance cooking modes include Bake, Convection Bake, TruConvec™ convection cooking, Convection roast, Hi, Med and Low Broil, and Convection Broil

  • Left Front Burner Output (BTU):

    3,700 watt boost/2,300 watt element

  • Left Front Element-Burner Diameter (inches):


  • Rear Burner Power (BTU):

    1,400 watt

  • Left Rear Element-Burner Diameter (inches):


  • Right Front Burner Output (BTU):

    1,850 watt

  • Right Front Element-Burner Diameter (inches):


  • Right Rear Burner Output (BTU):

    1,850 watt

  • Right Rear Element-Burner Diameter (inches):


  • Interior Lighting:

    Three strategically located oven lights provide maximum visibility

  • Knobs:

    Heavy-duty metal knobs with stainless steel finish

  • MagneQuick™:

    MagneQuick™ induction power generators utilize magnetic energy for superior power, responsiveness and efficiency

  • Broiler:

    Extra large glass enclosed infrared broiler provides superior broiling performance

  • Rapid Ready™:

    Rapid Ready™ Preheat provides one of the fastest preheat times so your oven is ready to being cooking when you are


  • Height (inches):


  • Depth (inches) Handle Included:


  • Width (inches):


Brigade Professional Cooking Products
Model # : CVISC5304BSS

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