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Toaster oven with double infrared heating.

Model # : NBG110P

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The Panasonic NB-G110P FlashXpress Toaster Oven features double infrared (near and far) heating which means instant heat, no preheating necessary. Far infrared heating is used to cook the outside of the food efficiently, where as the near infrared heating is able to penetrate the food and efficiently cook the inside. The result is more evenly cooked food in a fraction of the time! The digital timer and temperature settings let you control cooking start time so fresh and frozen foods are ready when you are or with just the press of a button, choose from one of the 6 illustrated preset buttons which automatically calculates the cooking time. The square shaped inner tray is perfect for pizza up to 9 inches in diameter or four slices of toast.


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General information

  • SKU:


  • Brand:


  • Model:


  • Required Voltage:

    120v Ac, 60 Hz

  • Temperature Settings:

    250°f - 500°f

  • Watts:

    1300 Watts

  • Crumb Tray:


  • Heating Elements:

    Double Infrared (near/far)

  • Inner Cooking Tray (inches):


  • Pre-set Selections:


  • Crust Control:

    Light / Medium / Dark

  • Digital Timer:

    Up To 25 Minutes


  • Height (inches):


  • Total Width (inches)*:


  • Depth (inches) Handle Included:


  • Shipping Weight (lb):

    7.5 Lbs

Panasonic Small Appliances
Model # : NBG110P

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