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High quality stainless steel kettle with purple finish.

Model # : NCZK1V

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The new Panasonic kettles challenge convention and tradition. Making a bold statement, their robust shape and simple design introduces a new dimension to the jug kettle. Making a real stand out design statement in your kitchen, the new range of Panasonic kettles look elegant, without compromising on their functionality. Particular attention has been paid to using the highest quality stainless steel and solid white finishes, giving these products their iconic status. Ergonomic handles and spouts make for easy pouring and filling. Made to last, these kettles are packed with features which provide durability and optimum performance, such as a washable lime scale filter, Blue LED indicators and Stainless Steel Interiors with encased elements. Family friendly key safety features include Cool Touch Exterior and Auto Shut-off, keeping those little fingers safe and giving peace of mind.


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General information

  • SKU:


  • Brand:


  • Model:


  • Capacity:

    1.4 L

  • Interior Material:

    Stainless Steel

  • Controls:

    Seesaw Switch

  • Temperature Control:


  • Electronic Display:

    Transparent Illumination (blue)

  • Prevention From Spill Function:


  • Lid Open Mechanism:

    Push Open


  • Height (inches):


  • Depth (inches) Handle Included:


  • Width (inches):


Panasonic Small Appliances
Model # : NCZK1V

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