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Stainless steel black microwave with 1.1 cu. ft. capacity.

Model # : CMOH-30SS

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The Fisher & Paykel microwave Oven has a power of 850 watts, an oven space of 1.1 cu. ft. and it's convection element is of 1400 watts. It has the ability to brown, bake, broil, crisps, roast and multiple other functions. It is also designed with a child-lock and a sealed easy-clean design. It has a built-in exhaust system. It's power requirements are of 120V, 60Hz.


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General information

  • SKU:


  • Brand:

    Fisher & Paykel

  • Model:


  • Color:

    Stainless Steel / Black

  • Oven - Capacity (cu.ft.):


  • Convection Element:

    1400 Watts

  • Microwave Power (W):

    850 Watts


  • Height (inches):


  • Width (inches):


  • Depth (inches) Handle Included:


Fisher & Paykel Small Appliances
Model # : CMOH-30SS

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