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Coverage Beyond The Original Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
You would never expect your recently purchased products to break down. And certainly, you wouldn't want to pay a significant amount of money to bring them back to good operating condition. After all, a new product from a well- known brand should bring you peace of mind for many years.

However, manufacturers do not offer lifetime warranties. Most of them offer basic protection for only 12 months when you purchase a new product.

Your Best Protection
Corbeil Protection Plan is the Service Plan which provides the best protection for your products. This protection is your assurance that your products will continue to operate as per the manufacturer's specifications, and repaired with quality parts at authorized service centres.

Exclusive Privileges and Characteristics*of the Corbeil Protection Plan:

  • Up to 4 additional years of protection
  • Parts and labour coverage
  • In-store gift certificate worth 50%** (see details on back of the gift certificate)
  • Preventive inspection (once, during the term of the protection plan)
  • Service offered evenings and weekends (where available)
  • No-lemon warranty (replacement after the fourth failure of the same part or component during the coverage period of the plan)
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: If we can't repair it, we'll replace it
  • No hidden fees and deductible
  • Protection against frozen foods losses (up to $250 for a refrigerator, up to $500 for a freezer)
  • Protection against power surges
  • Product failure due to rust, including racks and baskets in dishwashers, drum pads in dryers and tubs in washers
  • Repairs to manufacturer's specifications (authorized technicians)
  • Free transfer from one owner to another
  • Underwritten by a Canadian insurance company
  • Service available throughout North America
  • 10% discount on parts and labour (at participating authorized repair shops)

* Ask your Corbeil expert for the Terms & Conditions.
** Exclusive responsibility of the Corbeil dealers.