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Price Protection Policy General Terms

For the Price Protection Policy to apply, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • You must have already taken possession of your appliances.
  • You must submit the claim within 60 days of taking possession of the appliances.
  • The competitor's advertised price must be valid within 60 days of taking possession of the appliances.
  • The competitor must be local (area serviced by Corbeil Appliances).
  • The price must be for an identical item, same model, same manufacturer.
  • The price of the item must be in Canadian dollars and include all financing and delivery fees (with the same terms and conditions, if applicable).
  • The appliance must have been sold and shipped by an authorized retailer located in Canada.
  • The appliance must be in stock and available for sale and not be part of a limited time offer.
  • The price must not be lower due to an advertising or typo error.
  • The competitor's price proof must be provided to the Corbeil Appliances store where the customer made their purchase solely during the effective period of the competitor's flyer.
  • We reserve the right to verify the price and product availability at the competitor’s store.


  • Rain checks (the merchandise must be available and on hand at the competitor's)
  • Mail-in rebates, coupons, give-aways, free purchases, gift cards, floor models, damaged items, repaired items and opened items
  • Miele major appliances
  • Installation services
  • Warehouse-type retailers
  • Appliance distributors and suppliers
  • Any invoice made at a competitor store after gaining possession of their appliances.
  • Closing liquidation sale and liquidator.