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Electric Dryer 7.6 (cu.ft.) Samsung DVE53BB8700TAC

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Dryer Samsung DVE53BB8700TAC in Stainless, Left door (reversible) door swing, width 27 in.


Total capacity (cu. ft.): 7.6

Power source: Electric

Drying system: Ventilated and Steam

Number of cycles: 19

Installation type: Stackable

Dimensions: H (in.): 38.74 / W (in.): 27 / D (in.): 31.41

ADA®compliant: No


Manufacturer warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor


Ecofees included

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Regular Price $1,749.99 Special Price $1,249.99
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Product Details

Dry in 30 minutes
Super Speed
Get clothes clean and ready to wear in just 1 hour. The Super Speed course can dry a load of synthetics in 30 minutes* and continually optimizes the temperature. And with a Super Speed washing machine you can wash clothes in 28 minutes**. So garments can be washed and thoroughly dried in 1 hour.

Smart Dial
Dry laundry easily and effectively with Smart Dial. It personalizes drying by suggesting cycles to suit your habits and periodic or seasonal needs* and displays timely information. It gives advice on cycles, planning and troubleshooting on an App**. And it selects a drying course for a wash***.

Control two machines using just one simple control to suit your needs*. When a clothes dryer is stacked up on the washer its MultiControl can be flexibly changed to control either. So you don’t need to stretch or use a remote control. Simply select the washer or dryer to enjoy easier laundry!

Steam Sanitize+
Make sure that clothes and other items, like linen and soft toys, are always hygienic. The Steam Sanitize+ cycle infuses high temperature heat deep into the fabric of wet items* and injects steam during the drying cycle. It provides Hygiene care for your laundry and removes 95% of pollen**.

ENERGY STAR® Certified
Spend less on drying clothes and help to protect the planet. The clothes dryer is ENERGY STAR® certified. So you can save money by using less energy without sacrificing performance or functionality. This reduces the impact on the environment caused by the consumption of natural resources.

Less odor & wrinkles
Refresh and smooth out clothes quickly without doing a full wash or dry cleaning items. The Multi Steam function infuses your laundry with steam to freshen garments and keep them smelling great. It reduces odors and static, and also smooths out wrinkles in clothes*, so they need less ironing.

Sensor Dry
Make sure your clothes are properly dried without having to constantly check them. Sensor Dry automatically optimizes the drying cycle time and temperature. So clothes are always evenly dry. Moisture sensors prevent heat damage to the laundry and excessive energy use.

7.6 cu. ft. Ultra Capacity
Dry many more laundry items at once – saving time and effort. It has an ultra capacity of 7.6 cubic feet, so you can fit lots of clothes into a single load, including big items like a king-sized comforter. It means you need to dry fewer loads and can enjoy more time for yourself.

Vent Sensor
Get notified if you need to clear a blocked vent, so you can maintain the optimum drying performance. A Vent Sensor continually monitors the condition of the air duct and detects any buildup of lint. It automatically notifies you when it needs a clean or prompts you to check for obstructions.

Lint Filter Alert
Stop worrying that lint and fluff will block the dryer’s air intake and hinder its performance. When you turn on the dryer, the LCD display shows the Lint Filter Alert to remind you to check if it needs cleaning. So you can remove any lint in the air duct and enjoy a consistent performance.

Stainless Steel Drum
Maximize your drying performance and prevent clothes from getting damaged with a Stainless Steel Drum. Its durable, sanitary and heat-resistant stainless steel lasts longer, stays cleaner and enhances the drying efficiency. It won’t chip, scratch, rust or discolor, so it can’t damage clothes.

Drum Light
Empty your dryer much more easily – and never misplace another sock! The internal Drum Light brightly illuminates your laundry and the rest of the drum. So you can quickly check the contents and make sure that you get everything out. Now you won’t overlook even the smallest item in the dark.

Rack Dry
Protect delicate and special-care items like sneakers and sweaters by high impact tumbling. Simply insert the Drying Rack, place your items on it and everything stays safely in place, while it is dried gently. So there’s no loud banging or worry about clothes being stretched.

Reversible Door
Choose the direction the door opens to suit your laundry room layout and ensure maximum convenience. You can change which side the reversible door opens, so it fits the location, what is around it and how you do things. And walls won’t get in the way, so you can install a dryer almost anywhere!


Technical Details

  • Connectivity


  • Controls Type

    Rotary Knobs + Tap Touch

  • Display type


  • Door Swing

    Left door (reversible)

  • Drying System

    Ventilated and Steam

  • Energy Star® Certified


  • Finish


  • Installation Type


  • Lights type


  • Manufacturer Warranty

    1 Year Parts and Labor

  • Model


  • Number of Cycles / Programs


  • Number of Options


  • Number of Temperature Settings


  • Style

    Front load

  • Total Capacity (Cu. ft)


  • Tub Material

    Stainless Steel


Total Dimensions
  • Net Weight (lb.)


  • Total Depth (In.)


  • Total Height (In.)


  • Total Width (In.)


Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Parts and Labor