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Classic can still be chic.

The GE Slate appliance line was launched in 2014 and continues to beautify kitchens by perfectly blending in with any type of decor, be it traditional or contemporary. The neutral colours of the slate finish complement open-concept designs and effortlessly harmonize with kitchen cabinets made of wood, stainless steel or stone. The matte finish is also resistant to dirt and fingerprints, giving it a refined look that lasts.

These appliances boast advanced features that make them the ideal candidates for cooking enthusiasts. Each unit comes with practical and intuitive electronic controls that ensure simple and optimal performance.

Combining timeless design with state-of-the-art features and unparalleled durability, it's no surprise that GE Slate appliances continue to gain in popularity year after year.

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Collection GE Slate
Collection GE Slate

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