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Collection GE Cafe Black


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Daringly elegant.

The rich and natural tones of wood and stone served as inspiration for these matte black appliances, providing an incomparable touch of sophistication to your interior.

The customizable GE Café Matte Black Collection goes beyond offering a superior quality experience for the most discerning culinary enthusiasts. It sets you apart and defines your unique style by transforming your décor.

And when you add your personal touch by choosing your hardware from brushed copper, bronze, black or stainless steel, your interior becomes truly distinctive and memorable.

Crafted from premium materials, every appliance boasts a range of practical features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control right from your smartphone! Preheat the oven, start the dishwasher or monitor the temperature of the refrigerator… from wherever you are. With a variety of models and finishes to choose from, you can easily find the GE Café Matte Black appliances that suit your style and your needs.

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Collection GE Cafe Black
Collection GE Cafe Black

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