Environmentally responsible


Corbeil cares about the environment and we want as many people as possible to get you in on the action. That is why we are doing everything we can to protect, preserve and restore the environment.

Proud sponsor at Télé-Québec.

Corbeil is promoting its new positioning by sponsoring the Télé-Québec show "Moi j'mange".  This inspiring cooking show seeks to gradually reduce the ecological footprint on our plate in a convenient and hassle-free way.

To that end, we also produced three clips under the theme "zero waste". They were broadcast during the show "Moi je mange", but also during other programs at Télé-Québec.

Watch our clips!

Brigade Corbeil 

During the moving season, there are an incredible 70,000+ moves in Montreal. This results in an enormous 60,000+ tons of household waste being left on our streets. 

And so Corbeil established the Brigade Corbeil, with a goal to collect and transport old appliances to responsible recycling centres, where they would be given a second life. Not only would their metal be recycled, but many of their harmful components as well. 

We also entered into an alliance with PureSphera, a Bécancour company that recover95% of the gases contained in a domestic refrigerating appliance, including gases in insulating foam and contaminated refrigerant oils – a unique expertise in North America.


To reduce our consumption, our energy bill and air pollution, without making sacrifices in terms of characteristics, versatility and quality potentially on the right to expect our appliances, we offer you more one hundred ENERGY STAR® qualified devices.


What spills into our water and what's released into the atmosphere is as much a concern to us as you are. That's why we offer organic and non-toxic products for your laundry and dishes.


We intend to equip our stores with distribution units that will allow you to supply cleaning products, using the same containers, as many times as you wish.

Our concern for the environment is a cause that is particularly dear to our hearts. Stay tuned for our future actions out of consideration for Mother Nature.