Environmentally responsible


Corbeil cares about the environment and we want as many people as possible to get you in on the action. That is why we are doing everything we can to protect, preserve and restore the environment.

The Corbeil Brigade

During moving season, scrap metal dealers scour the streets and strip the metal off of old, unwanted appliances without safely disposing of the polluting gases.

To do our part for the environment, we have collaborated with the Bécancour-based company, PureSphera, to put together our very own troupe of environmental warriors who we have dubbed the Corbeil Brigade. PureSphera specializes in developing ways to contain, recycle and safely dispose of 95% of the harmful gases found in household refrigeration units, including contaminated foam insulation and refrigeration oils. Read the full article here

On June 30, July 1 and July 2, 2019, the Corbeil Brigade went on their first mission where they were tasked with picking up old, unwanted appliances and dropping them off at facilities where they could be given a second life or safely taken apart for scrap metal and ridden of any polluting components.

Watch a video of the Corbeil Brigade as they take to the streets.

Our ENERGY STAR® products


Reduce your everyday consumption, lower your energy bills and create cleaner air without sacrificing style, versatility and quality. Corbeil has you covered! With more than one hundred ENERGY STAR® certified appliances to choose from, you’re in good hands.

Saving the planet while saving you money


The Government of Canada’s Energy Savings Rebate program occasionally offers rebates of up to 25% (up to a maximum of $500) on select ENERGY STAR® certified appliances sold in-store to residents of Ontario. Combine that with any of our ongoing discounts and you have yourself a steal of a deal!

Nos produits ENERGY STARmd


Pour réduire notre consommation, notre facture énergétique et la pollution atmosphérique, sans pour autant faire de sacrifices au chapitre des caractéristiques, de la polyvalence et de la qualité auxquelles on est en droit de s’attendre de nos électros, nous vous proposons plus d’une centaine d’appareils homologués ENERGY STARMD.

Une économie pour la planète et pour nous

Le gouvernement du Canada, dans le cadre du Programme de remises éconergétiques, offre sporadiquement une remise allant jusqu’à 25 % (jusqu’à concurrence de 500 $) sur certains appareils certifiés ENERGY STARMD sélectionnés, vendus en magasin aux résidents de l’Ontario seulement. Le tout en plus de nos rabais en cours.