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Collection Signature Kitchen Suite


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Collection Signature Kitchen Suite
Collection Signature Kitchen Suite

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    Spoil your guests, not your sauces

    The Signature Kitchen Suite luxury appliance collection is for people who are as passionate about cooking as they are about innovation. This collection provides a marriage of precision and thoughtful design that combines professional-level power and versatility with the elegance of the grandest restaurants.

    This range offers gas, electric and dual-fuel cooking appliances equipped with precise and intuitive cooking systems, and innovations like vacuum and steam cooking, which can cook a wide variety of foods to perfection while preserving all their flavour.

    Regarding refrigeration, the brand makes it a point of honour to ensure that your food is perfectly preserved. Innovations include an integrated 30-inch refrigeration column offering the largest capacity on the market, the industry’’s only built-in double-door model to offer a 5-mode multi-purpose central drawer, plus a range of wine cellars worthy of the greatest vintages.

    And how can anyone resist the superb design of a collection quite rightly named Signature, created by enthusiasts devoted to the art of bringing out flavours?

    A premium collection for people who take both the look of their kitchen, and the experience of cooking, very seriously indeed.

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