Selection criteria for choosing a cooktop 

Dimensions of the cooktop 

A cooktop generally ranges in width from 30 to 36 in. (76 to 91 cm) versus a standard countertop depth, but smaller or larger models are available, ranging from 14 to 48 in. (39 to 122 cm). 
To determine what will work best for your space, measure the clearance around your future cooktop, both from the surrounding walls and from the bottom of the upper cabinets. If you already have a hood, the size of the hood will play a major role in determining the size of your new cooktop, especially in terms of the symmetry of their arrangement. Each cooktop model requires different minimum clearances, so get some information in the store now that you have all the measurements. 

Type of cooktop  

Five models of cooktops are available on the market. Determine which type best meets your requirements. 

Electric coil cooktop 

You are probably familiar with the electric coil cooktop, which was part of our childhood. It is economical and the four elements can be replaced easily, ensuring a long life. However, its functionality may be limited compared to other stove models. 

Glass-ceramic cooktop 

The glass-ceramic cooktop is a convenient option for maintenance and installation, while providing consistent cooking at a reasonable cost. However, the cooktop has a relatively high thermal inertia, which means that it takes longer to cool down than other types of cooktops. 

Induction cooktop 

The induction cooktop requires the use of compatible pots and pans. Although more expensive, it is known for its excellent performance and ease of maintenance. The cooktops do not heat directly, so spilled food does not cook; the surface is still easily washable. The cooking temperature also changes more quickly. 

Gas cooktop 

When selecting a gas cooktop, the most important factor to consider is the need for a gas supply, if you don’t already have one installed. The performance of a gas cooktop is comparable to that of an induction cooktop, although popular opinion often disagrees. 
Using gas allows you to maintain a low flame while preserving high power, but it is more difficult to clean the surface of the cooktop. A major advantage of the gas cooktop is that it does not depend on electricity in case of outage. 

Combined cooktop 

The last model is the combined gas and electric cooktop, which offers a blend of the advantages illustrated above. 
High-end models also have interchangeable cooktops or grills instead of the traditional rings/burners, so you can cook without a barbecue or pan and still get the same effect! 

Configuration of the cooktop 

Do you do a lot of cooking with heating elements, or rings, as they are called in Quebec? A classic cooktop usually has four rings, but models with two to six are available, ranging from 450 to 5,000 W of power. 
Do you prefer manual, electronic or touch buttons? Do you want them in front or on the side? Cooktop organization is something to consider, especially if you have children. You may want knobs that are harder to turn. 

Coating and colour of the cooktop 

Black, grey, stainless steel or a combination of these colours? Aside from the colour of the cooktop, what's important is the coating on your cooktop, whether it's glass-ceramic, smooth easy-care glass, durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel, or enamel and cast iron, both of which are designed for gas and very durable. 

Energy consumption 

Kitchen appliances are responsible for a large part of a home's energy costs, so it is important to choose a cooktop with optimal energy consumption. 
When comparing models, induction, glass-ceramic and gas cooktops are the most energy efficient, as they require less energy input than other models to operate at the same power. 

Other interesting features 

In addition to the basic features you've discovered, there are some additional features that may help you decide on the right model if you're still unsure. For example, some cooktops include additional cooking modes such as warm, sear or simmer. Others have a built-in timer and heat indicators to prevent burns. Some brands include expandable elements/rings and spillover protection. 
Now that you have made your decisions with our buying guide, click here to view all Corbeil cooktops. 


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