Use this guide from Maytag to learn more about cooktops and to find the right one for you. It covers everything from size, style & highlights Maytag cooktops.


As the trend of built-in cooking appliances grows in popularity, the number of options on the market increases. This can make finding the ideal cooktop a challenge. You need to think about your cooking needs, your kitchen layout and what style you prefer. This guide will outline the available options and some of the specifics around the Whirlpool product line.

Consider the following if you're looking to add a cooktop to your kitchen.


Cooktops can be installed directly into countertops with the controls situated on the horizontal plane. Since they have less infrastructural requirements, they can typically fit into certain spaces that can not accommodate a rangetop.


Fuel type is important to consider. Each type offers different performance, aesthetic and maintenance options. 


Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops are fueled by either natural gas or propane. Chefs gravitate towards this fuel type because of its precise burner control and quick heating ability. Gas can sear nicely or provide the right amount of heat for various cooking techniques like simmering or wok cooking. British Thermal Units (BTUs) are the sole unit of measurement for gas burners. The main thing to know is that the higher the BTU output, the higher the heat produced. You want to consider heat output if you're searing meats, (15,000 + BTUs) or melting butter (5000 BTUs). 

Electric Cooktops

Radiant, induction and coil are the three types of electric cooktop and are measured in watts. Like BTUs, the higher the wattage the higher the heat. You will need 2000 watts to sear meats and 1000 watts to simmer sauces.

Radiant Cooktops

Features a sleek design with responsive elements that easily reach high temperatures. Its smooth surface makes them easier to clean than models powered by gas. Some models have burners that are designed to expand and contract to match the size of a pot. Additionally, they have a protective coating so you don't have to worry about them getting scratched.

Coil Cooktops

The benefits of coil cooktops are that they are less expensive than other options. Keep in mind that they often take more time and effort to clean.

*Coil cooktops are not available through Maytag.

Cooktop Sizes

It's recommended to invest in a cooktop that will fit into the current structure of your kitchen. Cooktops range in widths, including 30”, 36” and 48”. Certain brands can accommodate smaller kitchens with 15” and 24” widths. Depth is determined mainly by the model and fuel type but they are commonly between 20” and 28” deep.

Number of Burners and Options

Width also determines the number of burners. 15” cooktop typically have 1-2 burners. 24” and 30” cooktops typically have 4-5 burners. 36” cooktops have 5-6 burners. If you need more room, 48" wide models often fit up to 8 burners. Some cooktops feature burners along with a grill or griddle option in order to provide more cooking versatility.

Cooktops with Downdraft Ventilation

One option to consider is downdraft. Downdraft cooktops have a built-in ventilation system within the cabinet below that suctions smoke and odours right off the cooking surface.You can enjoy more flexibility on where to install your cooktop, and achieve a more open space, since downdraft options don't need an additional overhead ventilatiion hood. Downdraft cooktops give owners several venting options. You may need extra open space under the counter for installation in addition to a proper external floor or wall ventilation for external venting. Always check the installation instruction guide provided by the manufacturer as it's your most trusted source of information. Consult with your builder or cabinet supplier to determine if the cabinet materials will discolour, delaminate or sustain damage of any kind.

Maytag currently doesn't offer downdraft cooktops but does offer a number of separate ventilation options.


Built-in cooktops usually come in black and stainless steel and several styles are available to enhance your kitchen aesthetic. While tastes tend to differ, induction and electric cooktops are viewed as the more modern or contemporary option whereas gas cooktops have something of a more traditional appearance. Black tops are typically edged in stainless steel. The inclusion of either knobs or a touch control depends on the model.


Cooktops can be installed on a countertop right against a wall. If you're looking for a more engaging feel to your kitchen, you can consider installing a cooktop into an island. Some models can be installed above a wall oven. You always want to keep ventilation top of mind when determining cooktop location. Whatever installation location you settle on for your cooktop, make sure there is enough room for the ventilation installation outlined by official requirements.

Many cooktop models extend a touch beyond countertops. Those with the flush installation option typically belong to luxury radiant and induction cooktop brands.

Always follow the manufacturer’s templates and installation guides to cut the countertop to fit a cooktop.